Patio Grill Catering

Memphis Grill & Cookout Catering

Our grill can fit anywhere from a small patio to a company parking lot and can serve a crowd of thousands. We use only the best meat for our patio grill which is sure to please. We grill 1/3 lb. hamburgers, all beef hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts, and provide all the fixings. 

For groups of 175 or more guests you can receive a FREE SMOOTHIE BAR with your Grill Out.  Use offer code 6767 to qualify.

$9.95 per person –  up to 15 people
$8.95 per person
16-49 people
$7.95 per person 
 50-500 people                                                How about an Ice Cream Sundae for Dessert?!                             

Chef's fee $75 + 17% Gratuity
Additional chefs available if needed.
Big group? No problem!

Tea – $8 per gallon
(Choice of Sweet, Unsweet, Mango, Raspberry or Peach)

Canned Sodas and bottled water – $1.25 each